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“John, I just wanted to say that I had a great time bowhunting at your place this fall. I saw a lot of great bucks and it was really neat being able to witness the rutting activity of bucks and watching all the deer do what they are supposed to do in an unpressured environment. I would love to come back, take care and I will be talking to you. Thanks again!”
- John Wilson, Georgia

“I want to thank you again for a great hunt and for putting me on the buck of a lifetime! I cannot believe you remembered the stand location from two years ago and how those deer entered that field. The blind was set perfectly and I would love to visit that spot again in the future.”
- Dr. Carl Porter, New York

“My dad and I had the hunt of a lifetime! For him to shoot a book buck is truly amazing and mine was just as big. This was way more than I could have ever asked for. What a place, thanks again and I will see you next year.”
Ed Russell, South Carolina

“John just wanted to let you know that Joe and I had an excellent hunt with you a couple weeks ago. You definitely have the deer and big ones at that. I have never witnessed 3 monsters in one week like the ones our group brought in during our hunt. I can’t wait until next season.
Ken Klodnicki, New Jersey

"Thanks again for an awesome hunt. I didn’t really know what to expect when I booked with you, it was a last minute thing but boy am I glad I did. I have hunted a lot of big name outfitters and I think your hunt is one of the best I have seen. Lots of animals, big deer and the accommodations and properties were outstanding. I am very happy with my 155” buck; hopefully I can wait it out and get a crack at a booner next year. I’ll see you next fall."
Ken Wasnock, Canindagua, New York

"I want to thank you again for a fantastic hunt. I have been hunting Canada for 15 years and I have taken some monster deer there but as far as the deer hunting goes, your camp was as good as or better than Canada. The accommodations were great; food was great, I saw some big deer and had a great hunt, the buck I took put on a show. I am looking at coming back next season. You sure know your way around the woods and I was impressed with the deer that had been taken in your camp."
- John Montemorano, New York

"I had an awesome hunt with you this past fall. I am still excited about the buck I took; it was my largest bowkill yet. I will be back in the spring for a turkey hunt and maybe I can shed hunt for some of those monsters we saw driving around that day. I can’t wait to get back out there. Thank You!"
David D. Tapia, Indiana

"Thank you John for helping me take my 1st Pope and Young buck. I have been trying for 14 years to score on one and this year the 148” I took was way more than expected. I will be bringing a few guys back hopefully this year as they could not get over the size of the deer you have. That is two great years in a row for me at OVO."
Ted Ward, Mississippi

"John, I have to tell you that you that Oak Valley is a first-class operation.  I really enjoyed meeting and hunting with you.  I hope we can get together for turkey and again for deer.  I think about the deer that I got and I still cannot believe it - it’s a deer of a lifetime for me.  If you have the pictures you took available, please send me the best 3 or 4 (or all of them if you want).  Also, thanks for the processor phone number.  I will call him to confirm the order.  Take care and Merry Christmas and have a great New Year."
Dr. Lance F. Ortman, New York

"I have hunted a lot of places and a lot of hours to take a buck like this. I have had two legitimate opportunities at 150+ bucks in 5 days of hunting here. I can't thank you enough for the great setup and hospitality. Book us for next season, same time, same place."
Neil Thornton, Mississippi

"John, hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and maybe got some time to some hunting for yourself. I just wanted to let you know that Bryan and I really enjoyed hunting with you this season and thanks for all your efforts, even though the weather would not cooperate we still had a great hunt. Keep us posted on how the rest of your hunts go. Thanks again."
Edd Valentine, Georgia

"John, Sorry we had to leave on short notice. I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip and compliment you and your staff for a first class setup. The bucks you guys have are amazing! Could you email the pictures from your camera when you get a chance? Also, please tell Jamey thanks again for the great job he did. I look forward to scheduling another trip in the future. Good luck to you guys for the rest of the season."
Eric H. Jones, Louisiana

"I just wanted to thank you again for letting me come down and hunt with you. I am very pleased with the buck I took. After hunting hard last year with the weather not cooperating the second chance this season was the ticket. You have a wonderful place and as long as I am welcome I will make the trip to Kansas. Again, I can’t be happier. Take care John and tell Grant thank you for helping with my buck."
Bob Kurth, Wisconsin

"I just wanted to thank you again for a GREAT hunt. You and Grant made our trip so enjoyable and accommodating in every way. I told my wife that the deer hunting was superb and the duck hunting and fishing were just as good. I guess I'll be moving to Kansas by myself (LOL). I will be thinking about coming back next year for the next 12 months."
Larry Reese, Georgia

"John, I have never ventured to the Midwest as this was my first hunt in this area. I am amazed at the quality of hunting and the numbers of mature bucks you have. I never in my wildest dreams expected hunting like this. It was fantastic and to take my best buck to date was icing on the cake. Thanks again and I will be back."
John Blount, Louisiana

"This was a perfect hunt. It was so great to see the bucks our group took and to have opportunities at big deer like that. I just love the hunting out here and the quietness of the area. I look forward to coming back every year. Your staff knows deer and you have a great set up. Don't change a thing! "
Bryan Shaw, Georgia

"I had a blast hunting at Oak Valley this season. I have always heard about how good the hunting can be in Kansas and it definitely didn't dissappoint. You have a special place here and I had two opportunities at great bucks in two days. It is hard to beat that anywhere in the country. Thanks again for the hospitality and I will be contacting you in the future for other hunts. Keep me posted on how the rest of the group does this season."
Greg Hamstead, Minnesota

"Thanks John and Grant for helping my son and I have a successful hunt in Kansas. I shot a dandy 150 class buck and Landon had a couple great opportunities on good bucks. Keep us in mind next season, we would love to come back."

-Troy Adams, Louisiana

"I've always wanted to hunt whitetails and you definitely have an amazing place here in Kansas to do just that. Thanks for putting us all on great bucks, we will be back next year. It was a first class experience. I am thrilled with my ten pionter, he will look good on the wall."

-Chris Borth, California

"Thank you Grant for all your help, the hunting was great, despite the warm weather I was able to take my biggest buck yet. You have a beautiful place here and I enjoyed the area, it was nice to get away and hunt a new place."

-Jack Blaylock, Michigan​

"Man I can't tell you how exciting hunting these whitetails has been. I am totally hooked on them, this was my first ever whitetail and I am definitely going to mount him to show off. Save me another for next year, if you are ever out our way please stop in and stay a few days."

-Danny Silva, California

"Thanks for a great trip John. You, Grant and Josh worked very hard for us, you've got some great looking properties and we will for sure be back. Let me know about your other opportunities and count us in for next year."

-Tod Thompson, North Dakota

"John, I wanted to send you a quick note telling you much we enjoyed hunting with you this last November. I could not be happier with the buck I killed. This was my first buck with a bow and the third time trying. Your hunting areas are as good as it gets. This truly is just like you would imagine and what you would expect on a trophy whitetail hunt. Beautiful mornings in the tree stand. I just don't think it gets any better. Thank you very much for making our hunt a really great experience. I have hunted enough places to know the difference between good and bad. That's why we have already made plans to be there again this year."

​-Jeff Lopes, California