Our elk and mule deer hunting takes place in southwest New Mexico at the southern base of the famed Gila Mountains. With a vast array of wilderness and landscapes only found in this region, you will be taken away by the beauty of the area. Elevations of 5000-7500 ft. bring forth many different terrains and hunting opportunities. River bottoms full of lush green grass provide wildlife with grazing and loafing areas. The surrounding hill sides are covered with juniper and live oaks that produce white oak acorns; a major food source for elk, deer and wild turkeys. ​

Deeper in the canyons you will find pinion and ponderosa pines that stretch high in the sky to provide a fertile shade canopy. Quit possibly the hidden gem of this area is the protein rich gramma grasses that occupy the pastures and mesas. It is because of these special grasses that the wildlife grows healthy and large.

Weather and Climate: 

Rainy summers and gentle winters best describe the climatic conditions in the Oak Valley ranch areas and surrounding wilderness.  The latitude and elevation permits maximum enjoyment of the region during any season.  Whether winter or summer, daytime temperatures are generally pleasant and range from the high 90's in the warmest summer  months to mid-40's in winter.  The area enjoys an average of 335 days of glorious sunshine and clear blue skies annually.

​​Southwest Hunt locations 

Whitetail deer hunter with bow
Whitetail deer hunter with bow
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