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"Thanks for an awesome trip John. We have seen more gobblers here in three days than in 5 years back home. To have all 5 of our guys tag out is just amazing! I look forward to coming back. Again, thank you for all your hard work."

-Brian Hanson, Louisiana

“John, we had another great year at Oak Valley; not sure how you do it. It just keeps getting better and the birds keep getting bigger. Count on us again next spring. I have a score to settle with that big corn field gobbler.”
Grady Phillips, Louisiana

“John, thanks for getting my turkey hunter his trophy gobblers. Max had the time of his life and he was so happy to have gone on the trip. He can’t wait until next year. Thanks again.”
Earline Creel, Mississippi

“You’ve got the best turkey hunting anywhere hands down. I have hunted many states and many places but it doesn’t get any better than this and I say that 3 years running! Save my spot for next year."
Josh Johnson, Illinois

"What a fantastic hunt, this was my first turkey hunt ever and I am hooked. Two big gobblers on the first morning, unbelievable. I can’t wait until next year. Great job calling."
Clark Wallace, Kansas

"I just wanted to thank you for getting my 8 yr old son, Jeremy his first turkey. I will never forget the feeling of watching him get unglued when that bird hit the ground. I also can’t believe the size of the gobblers you have in Kansas, I will be back next spring for sure."
Jason Goodrie, Minnesota

"We are really impressed with your operation and the amount of big mature gobblers you have. Never have we taken so many birds with serious hooks like these! Enjoyed the hunt and we will be back."
- Justin Achord, Lousiana

"Fantastic hunt, I heard more than 25 gobblers on the roost the first morning. These birds are very entertaining to work and they are huge! Mike and I will definitely be back, thanks again!"
Jeremy Kengla, Arkansas

"Thank you for getting me my first Rio Grande gobblers, I am going to mount this bird when I get home, you did an awesome job calling in birds all weekend."
Andrew Ward, Kentucky

"What can I say? I took the biggest bird of my life and for two years now you have showed this ol’ southern boy how to kill turkeys. Fantastic operation, this will be my “new” vacation every spring. Book us for the four spots next year for sure. I look forward to doing it all again. I don’t know if there is a place that has more trophy gobblers than your place, but I won’t be finding out anytime soon. Take care."
Paul McLin, Louisiana

"Thank you for showing Frank and I a great hunt. I took my first two Kansas birds so I can mark it off my list. Definitely keep in touch and let me know if you have openings for next spring. Would love to do it again."
Jack Robertson
NWTF Advisor, Illinois

"John and Grant, I would never have dreamed of taking 3 trophy gobblers in two days. I also can’t believe the amount of turkeys you have running around. I believe I just witnessed some of the finest turkey hunting in the Midwest. Thank you to all of your efforts and working with me to get around. I hope my foot heals for next year because I would love to come back."
Donald Simmons, Arkansas

"That was an awesome 3 days of turkey hunting. I never guessed it would be that great. I enjoyed wading the flooded field to get set up on those cornfield toms, and the last hunt to sneak up on those strutting toms and take both of them was unbelievable. You have a ton of birds and a ton of land to hunt. I would love to come back next spring, keep in touch. Thanks again!"
Deems May, North Carolina

"I have never hunted with a guide before and didn’t know what to expect but it was a first class experience for sure. I would do it again in heartbeat. Thank you for calling in my birds and especially the trophy 5 bearded bird from Kansas. That is one I will not soon forget. Keep up the good work and don’t change a thing."
Tony Seymore, Georgia

"I would have never believed it when you told me we could kill 4 birds in 2 days but I believe you now. You have turkeys running everywhere. They are a joy to hunt and they gobble when they are supposed too. I can't se a thing wrong with your place. I know Ben enjoyed his first harvest on a nice tom. Thanks so much."
Scott Cheathem, Louisiana

"We hunted hard but I took my best bird yet. He is huge and I can't wait to come back. The wait was well worth it to take a trophy gobbler like that. We saw a lot of birds and heard several different gobblers; you definitely have the birds here. I would recommend this hunt any day."
David Mitchell, Arkansas

"John, once again you have exceeded our expectations. Brent and I tagged out again on 4 birds each and the hunting seems to get better every year. I loved the hunt in the horse pasture we made that morning and those birds worked perfectly. I have enjoyed the past 3 years at Oak Valley and appreciate all your hard work and look forward to many, many more quality hunts in your woods."
- Cory Digirolamo, Louisiana

"Dang what a trip. I can't get over how many birds ya'll have around here. This exceeded my expectations tenfold. Loved the hunting, loved the setup and getting to hunt with you. That morning the coyote tried to eat the decoys was hilarious also. I'll definitely be back and let me know on the elk hunting."
Steve Parrish, Louisiana

"Fantastic hunting John, you and Jason did a great job putting us on birds all week. This is for sure a hot spot and you have all the right properties to give us southern boys a truly memorable hunt. Can't wait until next year and I enjoyed hunting with you!"

​-Coley Hanson, Lousiana

​"Super cool hunt John, that was my first experience with turkey hunting and I am fired up. That was so amazing. Watching that gobbler strut in was the best part. We'll be back for sure!"

​-Terry Maier, Minnesota

​"Things started out slow but I would have never believed we could shoot four longbeards in 2 hours. And to double up twice, both of us shooting our biggest birds to date. I can't say enough about how awesome your place is. We will be back for sure."

-Bill Granger, Tennessee

"Man ya'll have some birds up here. I can't believe how much gobbling we heard and we all tagged out in 2 days. That's unheard of from where I am from. Book us for next year. Can't wait to get back. Thanks again John."

-Duncan Hanson, Louisiana

"John, thanks for the great turkey hunt in Nebraska this spring! As a hunter who's already "hooked" on turkeys, I was looking forward to the chance to bag a Merriam's, and boy was I not disappointed! I walked away with a whole new perspective on turkey hunting and tags punched. Thanks for sharing some pearls of wisdom along the way as well. Keep up the great work Turkey Whisperer!"

Father Mike Linnebur, Kansas